Corporate Training


Team working provides massive benefits for any organisation in its efforts to stride forward. Self-evidently, it is no panacea for all your ills, but it does enable you to:

  • involve staff fully in decision making
  • co-ordinate your efforts more sensibly
  • encourage creative thinking
  • develop group aware and consensus
  • identify more speedily and effectively the initiatives necessary to stay ahead.

These are vital objectives. Yet in too many organisations they are either ignored, or are developed ad hoc by individual managers as isolated initiatives. Team Sailing can help you to train your key managers in the methodologies and application of Working as a Team.

This learning experience will not take place in the remote environment of an air-conditioned, centrally heated 4 or 5 star hotel; or through some outward bound course. Nor do we indulge in role-playing games. We teach Working as a Team for real, by enabling you to manage a sailing boat in the Solent.

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