Team Work


You won’t be taught about team working. Instead you’ll spend the time actually being a team, and learning how to relate this back to your own organisation, and its strategic priorities. No single model will be propounded – rather the pluses and minuses of different models will be explored.

The training is not designed to be an endurance test, but it will take place at sea, on a sailing boat. Typically groups of four will be responsible for sailing a cruising yacht in a number of structured exercises. Each exercise will involve the breakdown and identification of specific tasks, and any necessary allocation of functions within each task. Each exercise will conclude with a full and formal de-briefing session.

We would want, before the course, to agree with you any specific objectives and outcomes which you may require; after all, you are in a position to know the internal dynamics of your own organisation. And from that we will then be able to tailor the course accordingly.

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