Weekend Sailing from £170


Fancy a weekend sailing in the Solent?

  • Just for fun. As a complete beginner you will, after just one weekend, complete the RYA “Start Yachting” syllabus.
  • See if your night school navigation and pilotage skills work in practice.
  • Learn about the tides and harbours of the Solent
  • Practice your mooring techniques under power and sail.
  • ICC refresher and assessment.
  • Brush up your skills generally
  • Or maybe simply see whether you will enjoy sailing.

We cater for all levels from complete beginner to Yachtmaster.

If so, join Team Sailing throughout the year at the following rates:

  • January, February and December, £170
  • March, October and November, £190
  • April, May and September, £205
  • June, July and August, £220
  • For a three day weekend, add 50% to the above costs.

Included in the costs are

  • Breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday
  • Sailing on Bavaria 38s, designed to sleep up to eight person, though there would be a maximum of six on board. These are ideal fast yachts, designed very much for cruising in comfort. All the boats come fully equipped (including cruising chutes with snuffers) and are licensed to exacting Department of Transport standards.
  • A skipper qualified to RYA Commercial Yachtmaster standard, also skilled in team working techniques.
  • Immediate access to the secure and sheltered environment of the Solent, surely the most famous sailing grounds in the world.

On the last weekend in each month join our masterclasses, dealing with advanced pilotage and boat handling, under sail and power.

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